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Digital designer & creative local to the Northern New Jersey Metropolitan area whose work has been published on People magazine, Hypebeast, WWD, Vision Monday, MR Mag, and verified social media accounts with up to 4.2M followers. Familiar working with and directing influencers and celebrities.


I grew up as an avid doodler in Yorktown Virginia, and moved to the New York area after graduating Magna Cum Laude from George Mason University in 2019 to take advantage of the delicious bagels while I continue to draw, capture & create. I'm quite possibly one of the most curious people you'll ever meet. My ambition, creativity, and curiosity have helped me become the versatile artist that I am. I am a storyteller and I want to help create content that has a positive impact in the world. As an aspiring creative director, I have created campaigns from artistic conceptualization, through production, and post. In my spare time, I volunteer on the board of directors for West Hudson Arts and Theater Co. to help bring the arts to my community. 

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